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About - How can an ordinary person be more eco-friendly?

Who am I?

I am a mother of four lovely children, a wife to an amazingly hard working man, and an entrepreneur with a passion to do some good in this world.  For my children and their children and their children, and so on.  Apparently it US who have the power to save this here planet - Ooo er! 

If you know me, you may agree that I am quite loud about this whole saving the planet (saving humanity!) topic. Well, I have finally put my time, my experience, and money where my mouth is and opened an online business for planet friendly home goods!

There has been a lot of talk recently about alarming climate changes, too much co2 in the atmosphere, and initiatives to reduce the amount of plastic production.

As a busy mum of four, I am an avid online shopper, so my initial response to all of this talk was to start shopping for our home a bit more consciously, but to my dismay I found it was actually really hard to find somewhere online (that isn’t Amazon) to buy a bunch of planet-friendly items.  I had to surf around lots of different shops to get all the items I wanted.  I couldn't find a 'one-stop-shop' that sold everything I wanted.

Through all of my research I have become acutely aware of how much waste we produce as individuals.  However also as a very busy mother of four and business woman, I don't have the time to achieve a 'zero-waste lifestyle'.   As much I would love to.  The leap from where I am as a consumer, to what the zero waste lifestyle requires is just huge, and to be perfectly honest far to daunting.  It is even off putting.

I want to do something though!

It occurred to me that there are many smaller things I can do right now to reduce my planet-harmful footprint.  Once I put my mind to it, I realized that SO MANY things that we buy every day contribute towards this ever increasing harmful footprint.  And I figured these are things I could actively change, extremely easily. 


Instead of buying plastic bottled juice and smoothies, I bought a nutri-blender. 


  • Saved money on smoothies in the long run. 
  • Bigger variety of smoothies. 
  • Fun kids activity making them.
  • Cut down on plastic bottles.


Instead of shop bought yogurts, meaning endless numbers of plastic yogurt pots (4-6 every single day!), I bought a yogurt maker.


  • Saved money on yogurts in the long run. 
  • Less refined sugar (lots in shop bought yogurts)
  • Bigger variety of flavours. . 
  • Fun kids activity making them.
  • Cut down on plastic pots.

Ice Cream

Same principle as above, we bought an ice-cream maker

These are few of the things anyone can do to help this terrible situation.  

Anyway, to cut a long story short, with my experience in online retail and building online shops, I thought 'why not' to building my own online business that can cater to these needs.

So I quit my job (I count my blessings every day that we are in a position where I could actually do this), and here we are, after a lot of hard work, an online store that has a bunch of more planet-friendly items, all in one place.

Why HomeMakingShop?

Most people understand that the planet needs a little TLC at the moment, and this shop is about providing everyone with easy access to healthier options (for you and the world). 

At HMS we believe that everyone has the capability and the desire to start making planet-friendly choices, but the reality it is not easy to find a shop online where you can just purchase hassle-free normal products that are better for the planet.  

The truth is, if enough people do just a tiny bit it will make a huge difference. And in this day and age where so many items are unnecessarily made out of plastic, or unnecessarily a one-time-use product it is actually quite easy to make slightly more planet-friendly choices.  At least it is now, with this store. 

Cutting down on plastic items in your home, swapping out consumables for reusables, and using more 100% natural products in your beauty regime all contribute to make a whole difference.  Imagine for example if every single person in the world just swapped their plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one?  It doesn't sound like much per person, but put together it would have a hugely positive impact on the environment.  

It matters that you do SOMETHING. 

A good and affordable start is to cut down on plastic. We recommend you start with items like your toothbrushes and shampoos: Swap to buying their non-plastic best buddies.  Then think about what else in your home could be swapped - to wicker, wood, stainless steel, or bamboo instead.  It is amazing how many items in the home that we take for granted are unnecessarily plastic.  These very small changes can make a huge difference - Literally, every little bit counts.