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2 Year Guarantee

Every new product from HomeMakingShop comes with a full 2 year guarantee according to European law.  Defects caused by negligence, hits, misuse or tampering, wrong voltage or installation, or wear and tear, are not included. In the case of IT products, the guarantee does not cover virus removal, programme restoration or disc reinstallation. In the case of incidents where a claim on the guarantee is justified, the product will be repaired, replaced, returned, or have its price reduced, in compliance with the law.

To make use of the guarantee, you must communicate this to use through the Contact Area, indicating:

  • Order number
  • Product description
  • Description of the product's problem
  • Attached photos in the case of visible damage

Each case will be dealt with individually. It is compulsory to include a copy of the sale's invoice in the package and a description of the detected problem.

How can I return defective products to HomeMakingShop?

HomeMakingShop gives an exceptional free returns service to customers.  This can be arranged via the HomeMakingShop no hassle Returns Centre

The guarantee only covers manufacturing defects, and in no case wear and tear or misuse. We will only refund the money of products with manufacturing defects so you must pay close attention to those with signs of wear and tear or hits. In the case of packagings with damage or transport labels, we will not refund 100% of the product’s value. Therefore, it is important for you to reinforce the packaging of the returned products with an extra cardboard box keeping the original packaging intact.

Once the products have been received, HomeMakingShop’s technical service will check each of them and they will be refunded then. All refunds will be made with the same form of payment as the orders were made. Payments will be made effective within approximately 8 weeks of receiving the products in the warehouse. This process takes time as each unit needs to be checked by our technical service team and then it passes to the Administration Department, which makes the payments on a 'first come, first served basis.' Therefore, we kindly ask you to be patient.

1. In which cases will we not refund 100% of the product's value?

  • If the product has clear signs of misuse, unjustified damage or arrives in bad condition; 
  • If the product is returned without the packaging, with a damaged packaging, or with transport labels that make the packaging unusable - 50% of the product's value will be discounted; and 
  • If the product is returned with missing parts or accessories, or if the incident description is not real - the product will not be refunded.
  • Very important: No refund will be made for products returned to HomeMakingShop that are not faulty or whose incident description is not real. They will be stored in our warehouse and you will receive a notice. You will have 7 days of receiving the notice to confirm if you want the products to be returned to you after paying for the shipping costs. If we do not receive any confirmation or payment within 7 days, the products will be destroyed in a recycling centre and BHomeMakingShop will not accept any claim for the products under any circumstances.

2. When is the money refunded?

Once the merchandise is received, and after checking the status of the same, we will proceed to the refund of its amount to the original order payment. Keep in mind that the refund process could take several weeks to evaluate the merchandise received.

3. What happens if you do not collect an order?

When an order is not picked up by the recipient, it is returned to our warehouse. Once it is received in the warehouse, it is managed automatically by the TSS team and is then passed onto the administration department to process the payment.

The order shipment and the return to the warehouse entail transportation expenses, which the company or person who placed the order must pay for. Consequently, you will receive a payment corresponding to the order return minus the two-way delivery expenses.

Keep in mind that the management process can last several weeks.

4. How long is the guarantee period?

Offering the highest quality and the best guarantee is our commitment to our customers. All items are guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of delivery.

5. What is not included in the guarantee?

  • Defects caused by negligence, hits, misuse, tampering, wrong voltage or installation, or wear and tear, are not included.
  • In the case of computer products, the guarantee does not cover virus removal, software recovery for this reason or hard disk reinstallation after formating.

12. The guarantee will be void:

  • If any detail of the guarantee or the proof of purchase is modified, altered or replaced; and/or
  • If the identification number or the guaranteed product is tampered with or repaired without prior authorisation by the Technical Service.